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Wine Wednesday: Wine and Cheese Pairing Guide

Few things make us as happy as good cheese and good wine. Serve them together and that happiness quickly turns to joy if you have the right pairing of cheese and wine! Some of the most famous types of cheese are made throughout Europe, and many are made near equally famous wine regions. Because cheesemakers […]

Wine Wednesday: For the Love of Sweet Wine

Cakes, ice cream and candy are some ways one might manage a sugar craving for their sweet tooth… But what if you were able to satisfy that craving with a sweet wine? Would you if you could? While many simple wines are sweet, some of the greatest wines on Earth are consciously made in a […]

Best of 2021: Wine Enthusiast Magazine’s Picks

As 2021 comes to an end the best-of lists are rolling in! Today we’re sharing Empire distributed brands suppliers and brand partners that are being honored this year in Wine Enthusiast Magazine’s top ratings of 2021. Scroll through to browse these top products distributed by Empire: Available markets are noted in the list, and availability […]

Wine Wisdom: ‘Tis the Season for Sparkling

There’s just something about the “pop” of a cork that just makes the mouth water. Sparkling wines are one of the more versatile styles of wine out there. How Sparkling Wines are Made During fermentation, yeast turns sugars into alcohol and produces a few additional by-products. One of these by-products is Carbon Dioxide, which is […]

Wine Wednesday Wisdom: Breaking Down Bordeaux

One of the most influential wine regions in the world is also one of the most famous. Bordeaux, located in south-western France, represents roughly 1.5% of the world’s vineyards, making it an important region in the wine world. It is perhaps just barely second fiddle to France’s (and the world’s) most famous wine region, Champagne. […]

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